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Dental Whale Savings Network gives dentists the tools they need to manage equipment and supplies while leveraging the buying power of hundreds of dentists nationwide.
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Dental Whale Savings Network facilitates the platform for inventory cost controls to include:


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“I filled out a simple form and within 24 hours we had a list and connection to all the services and suppliers they provide. Forty-eight hours later, I was saving on a number of services we were currently using and we placed our first order for dental supplies. From concept through the first action of saving money, it was less than two days, which allowed the momentum to build quickly.”

— Phil Michael, Moorehead Family Dentistry

“Prior to working with the Dental Whale Savings Network, managing the supply inventory and budget was challenging for the Midtown office. However, DWSN’s expansive knowledge and commitment has resulted in helping us to reduce our supply cost by over 3%, taking us closer to the target goal of 3.5%. Examples of this positive impact include compiling and implementing the best price formulary to provide an expansive selection of supplies at the best rate. As a seasoned experts, The Dental Whale Savings Network was also instrumental in helping us coordinate a reduction of our biohazardous waste fees. As a result, we were able to terminate a 4-year contract and received the services at a reduced rate. The biggest perk to working with the Dental Whale Savings Network is that he is only a phone call or an email away. They are real team players whose results driven approach has significantly helped my office reduce our supply budget from 7.6% to 4.1%.”

— Priscilla Eberhart

“I have been using the Dental Whale Savings Network for the past two years; no problems so far! Last week I got a quote from a representative for an autoclave, I called Dental Whale Savings Network and they told me the quote was high. I saved about $1000 on the spot after I went back to the representative with the numbers I should have been quoted.”

— Dr. Anthony Marbell

“I wanted to reach out and let you know how impressed I was with Heather Blake. There are a lot of sales reps that come through our office or call us and we have never met a more informative, transparent and diligent sales rep. We have five children and care for our parents; our business is everything to us. Heather heard our hesitation and found all the answers we needed to help us make a confident decision to enroll in a membership with Dental Whale. I am certain we wouldn’t have signed up without her reassurance and thorough explanations of how Dental Whale works. We are grateful for her and excited to start this membership. In this industry, it is important customers give feedback and I felt you deserved to know what an asset Heather is to your company. Have a blessed year and thanks for doing what you do!”

— Dr. David Heath, D.D.S

"I have been using dental composites since 1985 and have seen and used them all. Resins have come a long way the past 34 years but what has remained constant is that I have always tried to use the best products for the benefit of my patients. Recently I switched from Dentsply's Esthet-X HD and Scotchbond Universal to the Kulzer lineup - iBond Universal, Venus Diamond, Venus Pearl and Diamond Flow. Scotchbond Universal is a great product for direct composites but I have found iBond Universal to be equally as good and better for bonded crowns and onlays; the bonding agent is thinner and I no longer need to use a dual cure activator. This saves me time and money. The Venus composite resins are all BPA-free, are strong enough to use in the posterior and finish beautifully in the anterior. I am also using Gluma PowerGel to clean and desensitize before bonding - works great! Thanks to the Dental Whale Savings Network and the Kulzer representative for introducing me to these products. What's even better is that I can purchase them all at great discounts because the DWSN has negotiated these items into their formulary for even better savings. Very happy. Thank you Dental Whale Savings Network!"

— Albert Internoscia, DMD, MAGD, FICOI
Owner - Towne Centre Family Dental and the